ICYMI: Indonesia calls on UK to adopt ‘Mutual Recognition’ on palm oil – Exclusive Insights from POM

In last week’s Food Navigator, co-host of the Palm Oil Monitor, Khalil Hegarty, weighs in on Indonesia’s calls for the UK and Indonesia to agree ‘mutual recognition’ of each other’s regulatory frameworks, as part of the UK’s planned Due Diligence regulations. 
What Indonesia is saying is that if the UK is going to apply this to palm oil , it needs to be applied to all vegetable oils [including rapeseed], whether in the UK, EU or elsewhere, and this will need to be considered by regulators.” said POM’s Khalil Hegarty. 

As Palm Oil Monitor has previously covered, the UK Due Diligence regulation debate will be focused around a legality standard, which could include national standards like the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification regime.

As the UK Due Diligence debates continues, Palm Oil Monitor will continue to weigh in. 

You can read the Food Navigator story here

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