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The EU’s Deforestation Regulation: Rifts Emerge

The EU’s consultation for its ‘Deforestation Regulation’ closed on December 10, and it’s already apparent that rifts are emerging between developed and developing countries in the approach that should be taken toward deforestation.A quick recap: the Deforestation Regulation is the… Read more
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The EU Backs Down on Palm Brinksmanship

The EU appears to have backed down from its aggressive anti-palm stance at this year’s ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting. A statement from the virtual meeting held last week indicates that the EU has changed its tune on palm oil – in… Read more
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Labor, Abuse and Palm Oil

The major story of last week was the international press coverage of labor and abuse  issues on palm plantations. As we’ve pointed out – not just over the past few weeks but over the past few years – labor-related matters… Read more
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