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Palm Oil Monitor Weekly Update – 27th May 2020

A Major New Review of Palm Oil from GermanyA major new review by a group of tropical biologists and agricultural specialists has given considerable support to the social, economic and environmental outcomes from oil palm cultivation.The review mostly from authors… Read more
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An Explainer on the Malaysian 3-MCPD Walkback

Last week’s post on Malaysia deviating from the CPOPC consensus on the EU’s 3-MCPD limits drew an overwhelming response from industry, government and NGOs alike. But there was an underlying question among many observers that requires us to go back a… Read more
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The Malaysian Walkback on 3-MCPD Undermines Producer Unity

Reuters published an article last week that stated Malaysia had decided to walk back a unified position on 3-MCPD esters held by the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC).The intelligence came from a leaked letter from Malaysia’s Ministry of Plantation Industries and… Read more
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